Three Card Poker


It is based on the popular casino game. 3 Card Poker is actually two games in one, in the main game you are dealt a three card hand that must beat the dealer or dealer’s hand to win. In the additional “Pair Plus” game, the outcome and the amount you can win depend only on the value of your hand, regardless of the dealer’s hand. You can play either one of these games separately or both at the same time, betting different amounts on each one.

The rules of 3 card poker has a few differences (since in this version only 3 cards are dealt). The game is available at various online casinos. For those who are not at all familiar with the game of poker, they should start by learning the value of hands. It is usually played with a 52-card deck, although there are some games in which jokers also play. A traditional poker hand is made up of five cards. Ace is the highest card, but can be used with the lowest card to make a straight.

This is the ranking of the hands from lowest to highest:

  • High card: a hand that does not rank.
  • Pair: two cards with the same denomination
  • Two pairs: two different pairs in the same hand
  • Three of a kind: three cards of the same rank
  • Color: all cards of the same suit.
  • Straight: five cards with consecutive value (In this variant of poker, the straight has a higher value than the flush since there are more chances to form a flush and less to get a straight).
  • Full House: A three of a kind and a pair together.
  • Poker: four cards of the same rank
  • Royal Flush: it is the best possible hand in poker, a suited straight culminating in ace.

As I have said before, 3 card poker is played with a regular deck of 52 cards and at the beginning of each round, both the player and the dealer or dealer are dealt 3 cards each and they must make the best possible poker hand.

Even if the player does not have a good combination, he will win if he has higher cards than the dealer.

In 3-card poker there are: Ante and Pair Plus. The player can place bets that affect the refunds of the game, these are the Ante bet and the Pair Plus. In the case of Ante, the player must pay an extra to play that hand, while in Pair Plus, the player bets that he will receive at least one pair or one higher hand. It is not necessary for the player to place both bets, but they must place at least the Ante bet, if they want to play.

Pair Plus: the player bets only on their game, that is, they do not compete against any player or against the dealer.

Ante: the player bets that his hand will be better than the dealer’s, not competing against anyone other than the dealer. The player makes a bet on “Ante”, looks at his cards, and if he likes his game, makes a bet equal to the first.

Then the dealer shows his cards: he must have at least one Queen for the bet to be valid.

When the dealer and the player have a hand of the same value, for example, they both have a pair, the pair of higher value is the winner. For straights and flushes, the highest card is the winner, in case it is the same card, then it will be determined according to the value of the second cards and so on.

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